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Home inspection reports should be evaluated by a licensed contractor. We offer this service at no charge. We will also compare contract and warranties for re-roofs at no charge.
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Do you need re-roofing done on your home or commercial property? Call us now for a free quote. We’re able to repair and replace any roof in existence. Even if another roofing company has turned you away, we’ll be able to help you. With high-quality workmanship and affordable prices, we hope to be your first choice when looking for roofing services!

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Re-Roofing Specialists

We offer quality roof repair and re-roofing services. We always opt to repair your roof first, but there are some cases where extreme damage or old age cannot be repaired. Before we begin the re-roofing, our specialists will inspect your current structure to see its condition, and its current build, and which will be the best way to continue with the project.

Our re-roofing contractors can help you with every step of your re-roofing project. The more time you have to research your options, the happier you will be with your new roof. Plus, the less likely you will be to end up paying costly bills in the future! Our staff will work with you throughout the entire process, helping you select the right options for your building, your visions, and your budget.

As your roof nears the end of its warranty period, it is time to start weighing your re-roofing options. Factors that figure into choosing a new roof include: wind speeds in your area, climate, existing roof conditions, insulation conditions, and your budget. Being local roofing contractors for over 30 years now, we’ve got the experience necessary to help you move forward in the best possible way for your property. Call and set up your free estimate and see the difference we bring to the table!

When it comes to re-roofing a shingle roof, we’ll check to see if there is any dry rot in the sheeting. Dry rot in the sheeting can be the downfall of your roof. If the affected areas are not removed and replaced, it can cause serious damage. If dry rot is present, a simple overlay of new material would not be the best option, and re-roofing would be the way to go.

Our re-roofing specialists will provide fast and friendly service to meet your every need. We will ensure that during the process, the site is clean and tidy, and left in top shape. Contact us right away for your free quote.

No two roofs are identical, and we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our business. We take the time to inspect your property, and discuss all possible options with you. For our re-roofing contractors, it is not just about getting the job done. We strive to get the job done right, on-time, and on budget. We work hard to make the entire process, from bidding to completion, headache and hassle-free for you. We think you should be informed, involved and in control of the job from the start.

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We do re-roofing in Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Davie, Miramar, Coral Springs and all surrounding areas in Florida.

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