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If you’re looking to extend the life of your roof, ask us about roof coatings! Our staff have a strong background in the roofing industry, and can apply roof coatings that will give you years more on the usable life of your commercial roof. Call now and get your free estimate; we offer high-quality work at great prices!

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Rubber Roof Coatings

A roof coating is basically layers of additional roofing membranes that allow the coating to absorb much of the damage from your roof. They can have elastic properties that allows them to stretch and return to the original shape without damage to your roof. Oftentimes, many different types of these coatings are known as “rubber roof coatings” as a result of this phenomenon.

They are able to be used on virtually any roof type, and with great success. If your roof isn’t in the best shape of its life, but you’re not ready for a replacement yet, give us a call to get a free estimate on a rubber roof coating. The versatility of these substances are amazing, and the affordability only makes them more attractive. Find out how we can help you get more out of your roof for less with our roofing services!

Roof coatings are seamless. When applied correctly, they can solve roof leaks on almost any type of substrate. Plus, reflective roof coatings can even lower your energy bills by keeping your property that much cooler. It does this by bouncing back sunlight, and providing a high level of protection from the sun and weather. Your attic never gets hot, and neither does the rest of your building. That means your HVAC equipment gets to work less hard, and you get to spend less every month!

Roof coatings can add up to 25 years to the service life of a roof, and they can pay for themselves before long, too. Normally, homes that have dark-colored flat roofs or concrete tile roofs absorb more of the sun’s heat. The result is higher energy costs for you. Put reflective roof coating on your roof and your home will be cooler and your energy costs will be lower.

You want to get the most value out of your roof. Applying a roof coating will allow a property manager to renew and even extend the life of a roof, while being eco-friendly, without breaking the bank. Liquid roof coatings are becoming the standard way to fix or repair roofs in our area, and we’re a company that’s leading the way with them! Give us a call to get a free estimate for your property!

It is important to choose roofing contractors that you can trust the job to to help you keep your roof in tip top shape. We make it our business to do the job right the first time. We value our customers and do everything we can to ensure that your are satisfied with your roof when we’re done with it. We think of what is best for our customers every step of the way, from choosing the materials for the repairs or coatings, to following up after the project is complete. Let us show you why we’re the roofing company for you!

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