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Home inspection reports should be evaluated by a licensed contractor. We offer this service at no charge. We will also compare contract and warranties for re-roofs at no charge.
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Roof Repair

Do you need roof repair? If you have a leak or any roof damage, whether from a storm, flying debris, or normal wear and tear, we can repair it. Even when other roofing contractors have turned you away, our teams are prepared to handle any problem with literally any roof. Give us a call to get help for your roof fast!

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Our roofing services cover it all, including:

  • Roof leak repair
  • Residential roof repair
  • Commercial roof repair
  • Repairing shingle roofs
  • Metal roofing repair
  • Fixing tile roofs
  • Flat roof repair
  • Fixing leaky roofs

Roof Repair Company

We provide roof repair for both commercial properties as well as homes. If you’ve noticed a bald patch on your roof, or missing roofing materials, act now before it turns into a bigger problem than it needs to be. What starts out as a small crack can turn into a large pain.

Residential roof repairs should be done by certified roofing contractors. It is often hard for a home owner to determine the extent of all the damage done to a roof. Many things are not easy to see and can be missed by the untrained eye. You need a roofing company that has your best interest in mind -- that’s us. Our staff take the time to inspect your roof and determine which services you actually need, and which you don’t. We can help you with any residential roof repair you may need. It doesn't matter what kind of work you need done, our staff are highly trained and ready to fix your roof.

Trust the company that will give you complete information on what needs to be done for your roof repair. We are insured and OSHA certified. Our quality of work far exceeds that of any of our competitors. To top it all off, we can even do the roof repairs that other companies won't touch. Call now for your free estimate!

Roof Leak Repair
If you've noticed a drip after a recent rainstorm, call us right away. Our roof leak repair services will help to seal your property from the elements. This will help you avoid long-term and costly damage to the inside of your building. The longer you let a leak go unhandled, the more damage it could be causing. Even if it appears to be only affecting one area of your structure, chances are there are problems appearing throughout your structure as a result.

The first step we take is to identify the leak. Roof leaks aren’t always readily visible, but our roofing contractors know what to look for. Once we’ve isolated the problem area, we’ll work out the right type of repairs to get it stopped for good. Contact us right away for a free quote. We will help ensure you have a leak-free property.

Roof repairs can range from a quick patch up, to replacing large sections of your roof. We are dedicated to using only quality materials and great workmanship on every single job we do. What that means is that we will almost never have to come back once we have finished your roof repair. Because of this, we offer excellent warranties on all of our services. It’s just one more way we work to give you the peace of mind that you’d hope for from your roofing contractors!

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We provide roof repair in Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Davie, Miramar, Coral Springs and all surrounding areas in Florida.

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